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Marc Scores a 'Winner' in Paris

View the above video from '19.25' onwards to see Marc's wonder goal

It is great to report Marc Bigger was voted 'Irish U.18' Player of the recent Powerchair Football Tournament in Paris. Once again we thank our supporters who helped us provide Marc with a new Powerchair in time for the tournament. To view the other games from the tournament Click Here

Marc was then featured as one of the stories used by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign during their week to promote Powerchair Football. Please visit The Muscular Dystrophy Website Article to see Marc’s interview. It is a fantastic read. We hope Marc fulfils his ambition to play in the Powerchair Football World Cup in Brazil in 2015.

New Power Wheelchair For Talented Marc

Marc playing Powerchair	Football for Ireland U18

We are pleased to say that the charity, along with Whizz-Kidz, provided a new power wheelchair for Marc Bigger. Marc is 17, lives in Magherafelt and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The TDX powerchair was specially built for Marc and he will now be more comfortable than before. Marc also plays Powerchair Football for Belfast Trailblazers in the All Ireland League. It was great to get the chair in time for Marc as he was picked for the Ireland U.18 team to play in a tournament in Paris. We are grateful to Whizz-Kidz for joint funding and also their expertise as well as C.F. Hewerdine in providing the wheelchair within eight weeks. It was not possible for the NHS to provide this. We first met Marc at Stormont in 2012. It is special for us to support him and are proud of what he has achieved.

Marc’s mum Marina sent us this lovely thank you:

"The chair is brilliant.

A brilliant system for his back which will allow me to change it as Marc needs – the controller is now close to hand and so much easier. His left arm is now supported so much better and has a strap so won’t fall off. He was outside testing it in the rain and boy was he having fun.

Amazing stuff to be honest - 2 visits and what was a 6 week time frame and all sorted!

Gerry the health service needs to learn from this I can never thank you and Geraldine enough xxx
Will take loads of fotos for you."

Marc playing Powerchair Football Marc playing Powerchair Football

"CHRIS Supports Emily"

CHRIS Supports Emily

We are pleased to say that the charity recently provided a special PPod Seat for Emily Prentice. Emily is two years of age and lives in Bangor. She has Aicardi Syndrome which is a very rare condition. Emily is unable to sit upright unsupported, has limited sight and speech along with other complex medical problems. It has been a privilege to meet and spend time with Emily, her three year old sister Charlotte, and her wonderful parents Emma and Paul. Emily deserves to get as much support as possible to help make her life as comfortable as it can be. The NHS were not willing to provide this very special piece of equipment. Emma and Paul are happy for us to share with you a short video of Emily and Charlotte and also a wonderful letter they sent to us which we appreciate very much. Thanks to everyone who supports The Christopher McCollum Fund in making this possible for Emily.

CHRIS Supports Emily Letter

See full letter below:

Dear Gerry and Geraldine

We just wanted to thank you for helping Emily.

As you know, Emily has a very rare syndrome called Aicardi Syndrome. Her condition, which results in almost constant seizure activity means that Emily isn't able to do the same things as other two year olds. She is unable to walk, crawl or even hold her head up for any period of time. She can't talk or eat normal food. Her life is a constant struggle and our aim as her parents is to make her as comfortable as we possibly can.

Before we became parents of a special needs child, I suppose that we had assumptions about the provision of care for these very vulnerable children. We assumed, as I'm sure most people do, that disabled children would have all their needs provided for automatically. It was quite a shock when we realised that there was so much need that couldn't be met due to budgetary constraints.

We wanted to thank both of you for the amazing work that you do in Chris's honour. You have dedicated your lives to ensuring that the young people that live with these debilitating conditions can access what they need, when they need it.

The soft Ppod chair provided by the Christopher McCollum Fund has made such a difference to Emily's quality of life. She now has somewhere safe and comfortable to sit and she is now at just the right level to allow interaction with her big three year old sister, Charlotte. It is so great to see Charlotte reach out and hold her little sister's hand as she sits in her chair.

I hope you can let everyone know that the generous donations made to the Christopher McCollum Fund really do make a genuine difference to the lives of local children and young people like Emily.

From Emily and our family, thank you so very much, and we hope that you can continue to raise funds in order to carry out the wonderful labour of love that is the Christopher McCollum Fund.

Love and best wishes

Paul and Emma Prentice
Proud parents of Emily

MDC Northern Ireland Meets MD Ireland

MDC Northern Ireland Meets MD Ireland

On the 21st September 2013 we attended the first ever joint conference of MDC NI and MDI in the City North Hotel, Co Meath. Personally it meant a lot for us to see both The McCollum Report and The Christopher McCollum Fund mentioned by Gary Kernahan, as part of his presentation on the work of MDC in Northern Ireland. More importantly this was an excellent day, with many excellent speakers on topics such as Transition, Breathing, Duchenne Research, Diet and Physiotherapy. It is hoped this may become an annual event and be in Northern Ireland next year. If so, we would encourage everyone to attend.

While we mainly support the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund it is very special to also support an organisation helping 60 different neuromuscular conditions.

For further information please visit:

"Chris" Joins Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Family Funds

Chris Joins Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Family Funds

We are really happy to see the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign have added The Christopher McCollum Fund to their Family Funds. This means a lot to us. Family Funds now play an important part in raising funds. Even though 12 years have passed since Christopher died we are pleased to continue to support the work of MDC, in helping to improve care and support as well as finding a treatment for all neuromuscular conditions and especially for us Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Please support Family Funds in your area.

For further information please visit:

Muscular Dystrophy Thanks the Bangor Public

Muscular Dystrophy Thanks the Bangor Public

We received a letter from Gary Kernahan, Head of Fundraising, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to thank, not only our volunteers, but also the very generous Bangor public for donating £439.65 on our Street Collection on the 20th July 2013. We have donated the proceeds this year to the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund to help find a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This will help provide 12 hours of vital research. Our thanks again to the Bangor public.

Bangor Street Collection

Bangor Street Collection

Willie Kenny, Gerry, Lauren Bishop, Geraldine

We had another great collection in Bangor on Saturday, 20th July. Thanks again to the generosity of the Bangor public, £439.65 was raised. We decided to donate this to the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund which we are supporting at present to help find a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was great for us to have Lauren Bishop, Supporter Development Manager for Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in Northern Ireland, join us on the day. Thanks Lauren. Thanks also to Jill and Graham Hardy, Jenny McQuitty and Willie and Maureen Kenny for giving up their time to support us.

Fun Run and Buns

Fun Run and Buns

Geraldine, Katie, Amber, Hannah, Gerry

We had a lovely visit from Katie, Hannah and Amber, who along with their friend Roxanne, took part in the Belfast Marathon Fun Run to raise funds. They then made a selection of buns and tray bakes to sell at their school Belfast Royal Academy. In total they raised a fantastic £385.01 of which £189.00 was raised at B.R.A. Thanks also to Mrs Sheeran at B.R.A. for allowing the girls to support us this way.

Fun Run and Buns

Thanks Katie, Hannah, Amber and Roxanne

Fun Run and Buns

Hannah, Katie, Amber at start

'CHRIS' Funds 45 Hours of Research

'CHRIS' funds 45 hours of research

After donating a further £180 to the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund we received a letter from Gary Kernahan, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign thanking us for another donation. Since October 2012 we have donated £1,558.64 to research and Gary advised this has funded 45 hours of vital scientific research at this crucial time. Our thanks to everyone who has supported the charity and played such an important part so far in helping to find a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We encourage everyone to continue to support the DRB Fund.

'CHRIS' funds 45 hours of research

Lovely letter from Gary Kernahan of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign thanking us for the donation

Muscular Dystrophy Thanks 'CHRIS' and ASDA

Muscular Dystrophy Thanks 'CHRIS' and ASDA

We received a lovely letter from Gary Kernahan of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, thanking our supporters and customers of ASDA Bangor for the recent donation to the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund. We are also pleased to say we have received a letter from ASDA Foundation in Leeds enclosing a cheque for £180.00 to add to our collection day. This is a wonderful gesture and we have again donated this to the Duchenne Breakthrough Fund.

Muscular Dystrophy Thanks 'CHRIS' and ASDA

Lovely letter from Gary Kernahan of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

ASDA Customers Support Duchenne Research

ASDA Customers Support Duchenne Research

We wish to thank Sarah Crowe of the ASDA store Bangor for allowing the charity to hold a collection on Saturday, 6 April 2013. A tremendous £378.64 was raised. We thank the customers for their generous support. The collection was for the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund recently set up by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to accelerate finding a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which Christopher had. Our thanks also to Jill Hardy, Jenny McQuitty, Maureen Kenny, Helen Thompson for giving up their time. Also Sonia Lilley Photography for photos and JTs Bangor for all their support in preparing the banner. We look forward to a day when a treatment will be found for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

ASDA Customers Support Duchenne Research

Left-Right (Helen Thompson and Jill Hardy)

UK Campaigners of the Year Award!

UK Campaigners of the Year Award

Gerry and Geraldine were recently awarded UK Campaigners of the Year 2012 by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. This is one of their Annual President’s Award and was presented to them by Sue Barker President of MDC. Following on from The McCollum Report we feel this is another tribute to Christopher. We dedicate the award to him and the inspiration he was for us to continue to campaign for better care and support for everyone with a neuromuscular condition. We thank MDC for this.

UK Campaigners of the Year Award

View Spectator News Article

ASDA Customers Vote for CHRIS

ASDA Customers Vote for CHRIS

Our thanks to the customers of the ASDA store Main Street, Bangor who over Oct/Nov 2012 voted The Christopher McCollum Fund as their favourite charity. Thanks to them we received £200 from ASDA which was tremendous. Our thanks also goes to ASDA and in particular Sarah Crowe, Community Life Champion for putting us forward along with two other local charities. ASDA should be congratulated for supporting local charities this way.

Great News for Muscular Dystrophy Families

Great News for Muscular Dystrophy Families

We are very pleased that a neuromuscular Care Advisor has been appointed by the Belfast Health Trust. Northern Ireland has not had a Care Advisor for some time and this will be of great benefit to families with a neuromuscular condition. Thanks should go to all the families who campaigned for this at Stormont, along with the All Party Group chaired by Conall McDevitt, MLA and especially thanks to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in London.

For further information visit:

Muscular Dystrophy - Campaign success as Northern Ireland care advisor is appointed

Campaign Muscular Dystrophy

Charity Donates £1,000 to Breakthrough Fund

Charity Donates £1,000 to Breakthrough Fund

Gary Kernahan (Head of Volunteer Fundraising), Dr Marita Pohlschmidt (Director of Research), Geraldine McCollum, Gerry McCollum and Philip White (Supporter Development Manager, Northern Ireland

The charity recently made a donation of £1,000 to the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund. One of our aims is to donate funds to Duchenne research. Research is progressing well over the past two years. In order to help accelerate finding a treatment the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has set up the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund to raise £1.6M. This was launched in Belfast on the 25th October and we were pleased to make the first ever donation to the fund. We look forward to a time when a treatment will be found to help boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

For further information please visit:

Muscular Dystrophy - Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund

Support for Lucas

The charity recently purchased a specialist "Seat To Go" for Lucas McConnell. Lucas is two and a half, lives in Bangor and has Cerebral Palsy. A headrest and an abductor were also purchased to help support Lucas in the seat. The seat will allow Lucas to sit more comfortably especially at a table. We hope this helps improve his quality of life.


Bangor Street Collection

Our second street collection was held on Wednesday, 18th July. Once again we thank the Bangor public for their generosity in helping us to raise £434.44. This is another fantastic sum. Thanks again to Willie, Maureen and Sarah Kenny, Jenny McQuitty, Jill & Graham Hardy and Helen Thompson for giving
up their time.


Ards Half Marathon

On the 29th June Vicky Braniff, Karen Scott, Helen Thompson and Susan Murphy from J Hatty & Co, Bangor took part in the Ards Half Marathon to support ‘SpiritofChris’. Vicky ran the 13 miles and Karen, Helen and Susan who were also joined by Pamela Lemon all completed the 9 mile walk. It was the first time our charity tee shirts were worn which was great to see around Newtownards. Thanks also to John Lemon who kindly wore the tee shirt as well. A fantastic £752.56 was raised. Thanks Vicky, Karen, Helen, Susan and Pamela for this support. We also would like to thank the following: J Hatty & Co, Cafe Brazilia and Whitewell Tabernacle Church for supporting the event.

Ards Marathon

Left-Right (Pamela, Susan, Helen, Vicky, Karen)

Ards Marathon

Left (Pamela, Susan) , Right (Helen/Karen)



Campbell Boarders Stay Awake for CHRIS

Gerry and Geraldine were recently at Campbell College Assembly to receive a tremendous donation of £1,247.21. Boys of the Boarding School held a Stay Awake Night to raise funds. As well as thanking those boys our thanks also go to Mr Bert Robinson, Headmaster of the Boarding School and especially Elaine Armstrong, teacher who put the charity forward. Gerry also addressed the assembly which was a very special occasion. Sincere thanks for everyone for their support.

Campbell College

Left-Right (Elaine Armstrong, Gerry McCollum, Josh Elliott, Max Patterson, Geraldine McCollum, Mr Robert Robinson MBE, Headmaster - Campbell College)


Gerry Meets Health Minister

Gerry Meets Health Minister

Gerry along with Nic Bungay, Director of Campaigns, Care and Information at Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and Dr Amy Jayne McKnight, Chairperson of The Northern Ireland Muscular Dystrophy Council met with Edwin Poots, Health Minister on the 28th May 2012 to highlight points to be included in the new Northern Ireland Care Advisor/Neuro Muscular Nurse post. This was prior to the launch of the All Party Group Report on Muscular Dystrophy. For further information visit: Campaign Muscular Dystrophy


Cupcake Day at TK Maxx

TK Maxx store in Bangor held a cupcake day with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK and The Christopher McCollum Fund. We would like to thank Liz Bracken, Manager, staff and customers for donating a tremendous £255.00. Thanks especially to Maureen Kenny who baked all 500 cupcakes sold on the day! Also Sarah Kenny who manned the stall. Thanks Sarah. Great to see our charity supported so well in a Bangor store.

Cupcake Day

Left-Right (Gerry, Liz Bracken, Maureen Kenny)

Cupcake Day

Louise McDowell and Sarah Kenny


Equipment for Mitchell House School

Mitchell House

Left-Right (Angela Wilson, Gerry, Rebecca Jamieson, Hannah Graham, Geraldine)

The History of the Troubles

Left-Right (Gerry, Sean Lawson, Geraldine)

The charity recently bought two quality items of equipment for pupils at Mitchell House School. The gutter forearm supports for the Crocodile Walker gives a young wheelchair user the opportunity to be in a stable upright walking position. A Midline Wedge System was also purchased. Gerry and Geraldine know how much benefit this Wedge will be for those young people who need to be out of a wheelchair for a period of time. It helps make the young person more comfortable and over time helps prevent pressure sores and contractures. Angela Wilson, Senior Physiotherapist said “The equipment arrived on Friday. It is great and we are using the Wedge already. Thank you for your support”.

For more photos please visit


Spirit of Chris in the Black Box

We would like to thank everyone at Definite Vision, who chose The Christopher McCollum Fund as the charity for UNSIGNED GET DEFINED 2011. The final was held in the Black Box in Belfast on the 19th October 2011. The event to discover an Unsigned band was won by Wanted Alive from Newtownards. They are a very talented group with lead singer Jeff Anderson. Gerry and Geraldine were very pleased to be there and to see their charity collection boxes in the Black Box which is a great venue. Our thanks to everyone and especially Rachel Davis for this support and raising a tremendous £362.56.



Left-Right (Gerry, Geraldine, Chris Campbell of DV and Wanted Alive)

Northern Ireland All Party Parliamentary Group at Stormont

First Bangor Street Collection

Gerry & Geraldine as members of the Northern Ireland Muscle Group were at Stormont on 27th Sept 2011 for the launch of the first ever All Party Group on Muscular Dystrophy. The All Party Group has launched an inquiry into all aspects of care and support for people with neuromuscular conditions. Having campaigned for 20 years we know this is a major step forward. For further information visit Muscular Dystrophy campaign news and Campaign MD inquiry launch.



Mike Abseils Europa Hotel

First Bangor Street Collection Above: Gerry, Mike & Victoria

Our thanks to Mike McGibney who abseiled down the Europa Hotel on 25th September 2011 raising a tremendous £130. Our thanks to Mike for this support. It was great to see our charity as part of an event which supports many other charities. Thanks again Mike and also Christopher's cousin Victoria Palmer for their support.



Bangor Street Collection

First Bangor Street Collection Above: Geraldine, Gerry, Helen and Maureen

First Bangor Street Collection Above: Willie, Jenny and Christopher.

The charity held its first ever street collection in Bangor on 23rd July. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Bangor public in helping to raise £499.57. It was very special to see CHRIS lapel stickers being worn by people around Bangor. We would like to thank Willie & Maureen Kenny, Jenny McQuitty, Christopher Hardy and Helen Thompson for giving up their time to support us that day.



Spirit of Chris in Peru

Louise & Sarah as Lamas

Louise & Sarah visit Machu Picchu

Christopher's cousin Louise Browne and her friend Sarah McAvoy recently went to Peru and more so to trek to Machu Picchu the ancient city. They raised a tremendous £216.92 and we would like to thank them for this donation. A lot of charities now visit Machu Picchu and it is great to see The Christopher McCollum Fund part of that. Thanks Louise and Sarah.


Politicians Pledge Support In Fight Against Muscle Disease

Along with other families the charity wrote to local Assembly candidates prior to the recent election asking them to sign up to the Muscular Dystrophy "Manifesto for Muscle in Northern Ireland". A number of candidates did so and to see the list of those then elected visit Northern Ireland Assembly candidates supporting Manifesto for Muscle and Politicians pledge support in fight against muscle disease


Belfast Marathon Walkers

Susan Murphy and Pamela Lemon completed The Nine Mile Walk on the 2nd May 2011 supporting The Christopher McCollum Fund. They raised a tremendous sum of £252.00.

Our Latest Billboard Campaign

We also would like to thank Angela Rogan who actually completed The 26.2 Mile Walk and included The Christopher McCollum Fund as one of her charities raising a tremendous £155.00.

Our Latest Billboard Campaign

Sincere thanks to Susan, Pamela and Angela for their support.

Northern Ireland Muscle Group launched

Gerry and Geraldine along with other families and clinicians in conjunction with The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign launched the Northern Ireland Muscle Group on the 1st April 2011 at the Europa Hotel. The group will campaign to improve care and support for families with neuromuscular conditions and hope to meet with MLAs in the near future. For further information visit Northern Ireland families fight for care and Northern Ireland families to fight for muscle-wasting disease care



Northern Ireland Muscular Dystrophy Care Advisor post saved

The charity, along with other families, campaigned to have the Care Advisor Post retained by writing to local MLAs. The campaign was successful and the post has been maintained for the foreseeable future. We would like to thank in particular Alex Easton MLA and our MP for North Down Lady Sylvia Hermon for the time they took to write to the Health Trust and also the then Health Minister Michael McGimpsey. For further information visit Northern Ireland's Care Advisor post saved



IS Division donation

IS Division which is based in the Stormont Estate organised events at Christmas and raised a tremendous sum of £540.77. Our sincere thanks to everyone who supported The Christopher McCollum Fund.

Our Latest Billboard Campaign

Gareth Heron presents Gerry with the donation. Also in the picture are Peter Reading, Lynne McQuitty and Pat Bennett.



Perennials Rugby Football Charity Day

Perennials Rugby Football Club held their annual charity day on the 27th August 2010 at Down Royal Racecourse. The Christopher McCollum Fund was one of three charities they chose to support this year. The Perennials was formed in 1989, when a group of rugby players, mostly over 40, formed a team to play against a team from Canada. Gerry & Geraldine were guests on the day and wish to thank Geoff Goldsborough and his committee for their hospitality and putting on such a tremendous event. The special highlight was when Dr Jack Kyle, possibly the greatest Irish rugby player of all time and Patron of the Perennials, presented Gerry with a cheque for £1,500. We would like to thank the Perennials for this tremendous donation and special thanks also to John Carleton for nominating our charity this year. For further information please visit



Jamie’s Joy - June 2010

The charity recently presented six year old Jamie Rogan with a new lightweight wheelchair. Jamie who lives in Bangor and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy had been using a buggy for the past two years. Despite being measured and choosing a wheelchair the NHS were unable to give any indication when this could be provided. Jamie's mum Angela contacted us to see if we could help. The charity were able to purchase the wheelchair from Bridge Medical Services in Bangor, and within three weeks Jamie received his wheelchair. Jamie's mum Angela says "We are so grateful to the charity for helping to improve Jamie's quality of life at a time when he really needed it."
Read more on this story at The County Down Spectator

Gerry and Geraldine presenting JAmie with his new wheelchair



Our Latest Campaign – 16 March 2010

If you have recently visited the Bloomfield Shopping Centre in Bangor you may have noticed an eye-catching billboard advertising our charity.

Definite Vision Ltd, our website designer, have given us this opportunity to promote the charity name.  They have very kindly sponsored the cost of the advertising space and also designed the artwork for the billboard.  As well as this support Definite Vision Ltd have, from the outset, played a major part in helping us develop the identity of our charity.  Their knowledge and expertise has been crucial and their belief in the charity has been a great encouragement to us.

Thanks Chris, Damien, Andy and Colin for your help and continued support.  For more information please visit

Our Latest Billboard Campaign
Gerry McCollum (Spirit of Chris) meeting Chris Campbell (Definite Vision) at the launch of our latest billboard campaign at Bloomfield Retail Park



Come Dine With Me at Royal Day-Care Nursery

A Come Dine With Me evening was held on 11th December 2009 at Royal Day-Care Nursery. A tremendous sum of £640 was raised on what was a fantastic fun event. Sincere thanks go to Barbara McNeill and staff and also Barbara and her sister Maureen Kenny who prepared a fabulous meal for everyone.
We would again like to thank Barbara and everyone at Royal Day-Care Nursery for their support.

Our Latest Billboard Campaign

Our Latest Billboard Campaign



Lobby at Stormont – 10 February 2009

Gerry and Geraldine were invited by The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to a Lobby at Stormont.  A report Building on the Foundations in Northern Ireland was presented on the
10 February 2009 to the members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.  The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign is calling on the Northern Ireland Government and Health Boards to carry out an urgent review of health and social care services for people, not only with Muscular Dystrophy, but all other rare muscle conditions in Northern Ireland. Similar reports have been carried out in the rest of the UK.

For further details visit: also under Campaign News you will see a report dated 4 March 2009 “Disabled Children Across the UK let down by the NHS”. This highlights delays in wheelchairs and equipment.

Lobby at Stormont with Margaret Ritchie, Social Development Minister, Muscular Dystrophy and CHRIS
Lobby at Stormont with Margaret Ritchie, Social Development Minister, Muscular Dystrophy and CHRIS

The Walton Report

Following similar Lobbies throughout the UK The Walton report was issued on 24 August 2009.  This highlights the concern in general care of those with neuromuscular conditions and also delays in wheelchair and equipment provision.  To view this report visit: The Walton report.


Tesco have chosen Muscular Dystrophy as their Charity of the Year 2009 to raise funds for wheelchairs and equipment.  The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign held collection days on Friday, 25 September and Saturday, 26 September 2009 at all Tesco stores throughout the UK.  Gerry and Geraldine McCollum along with Pat Grindle donated 2 hours of their time each day at Tesco in Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Bangor, collecting £437.  The Christopher McCollum Fund is happy to support The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and wishes to thank everyone who gave a donation. 

A total of £80,000 was raised across the UK. For more information visit:



Family Fun Day – The Royal Day-Care Nursery

A fundraising day took place on 9 May 2009 at The Royal Day-Care Nursery at Broadway, Belfast.  A total of £550 was raised along with additional donations of £110.  Sincere thanks to Barbara McNeill, her staff, family and friends who helped contribute towards a very successful event.
Family Fun Day
Family Fun Day - StaffFamily Fun Day