helps raise funds for wheelchairs and equipment for disabled young people

Special Links

Here are some links to websites we would like to mention:

  • Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Family Funds - We are really pleased to see The Christopher McCollum Fund now linked as a Family Fund with MDC. Please support Family Funds in your area.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Campaign - This website will help you find a range of information on
    medical and daily living issues and also research.
  • Duchenne Family Support Group - The Duchenne Family Support Group is run by parents who have children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and offers informal support and friendship.
  • Contact A Family - Contact A Family provides support, advice and information throughout the
    UK for families with disabled children no matter what their condition or disability. 
  • Disability Heroes - Disability Heroes has been created by Kyle Boyd who has Cerebral Palsy
    and lives in Northern Ireland.  Kyle’s vision through Disability Heroes is to create a better knowledge and awareness of disabilities, especially with young school children.  The Christopher McCollum Fund recognises the vision that Kyle has as something that has the potential to remove the stigma attached to disability.
  • Manchester United - We know Christopher would want us to include Manchester United as a special link which will also give you an insight into their charity work through The Foundation.
  • MUDSA - This is the Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association of which Christopher was a member. Formed in 1989 they have assisted Manchester United to develop a range of facilities for people with all manner of disabilities.
  • The William Keown Trust - The William Keown Trust has, for the past 30 years, recognised the achievements and courage of people with disabilities. Their awards include Children of Courage, Adult Achievement, Carers and also The Christopher McCollum Memorial Cup. This is awarded to someone who makes a significant difference to the life of someone with a disability.
    The Christopher McCollum Fund is proud to be associated with Bill Keown who has dedicated himself to highlighting the achievements and promoting the dignity of people with disabilities.